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Staff Profile: Jane Kiley

Jane Kiley hasn’t seen it all, but she certainly has seen a lot. Jane, a relative newcomer to Lenox Healthcare for Women, has delivered a unique blend of nursing and healthcare in the Rockford area for more than 25 years. Jane became a nurse practitioner to be a patient advocate and help patients feel more at ease in an ever-changing healthcare world. As an advanced practice nurse specializing in women’s health, Jane provides insight and direction to empower women to make good choices about their well-being.

“Women have the capacity to make sound decisions if they have the resources and they are presented with good information. There’s so much more that goes on in the exam room than just having a breast exam or Pap smear. Often the woman is the one who guides the family through healthcare decisions. As the individual woman feels more self-assured, the healthier the entire family will be.”

Jane says she enjoys using her advanced level nursing education to assist women in maintaining their health.

“In a society where there is an aging and increasingly unhealthy population, it is important to know your family history, get tested on a regular basis and stay active to keep your weight in a healthy range. If you research health issues on the Internet, only visit credible websites. And above all, listen to what your body is telling you.”

Jane frequently speaks on menopause and women’s hormonal issues. Both a provider of breast cancer counseling and a cancer survivor, she has something very valuable to bring to patients: compassion and empathy. But she also has the ability to evaluate, manage health problems, promote health and collaborate among other members of the healthcare team.

“I think that the model for healthcare that Dr. Lenox has devised, of having more than one line of service under one roof, is a more complete model than what I have been used to. I believe our patients are excited about this model. Our new location and the new face of the practice will be an opportunity for the community to view us in a new light.”

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